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You had an unusual task that our insurance company had never heard of: Cleanup after a fire extinguisher exploded in a bedroom leaving extinguisher residue 360 degrees in the room. You did an outstanding cleanup of everything. Thank You!. Srd S
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Delta was a great experience friendly great job I would used Delta again and recommend to any body Bruce was very helpful. Walter A.
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Common Causes of Home Flooding and Water Damage

Common Causes of Home Flooding and Water Damage

Water damage from flooding is one of the most common home disasters. Water damage prevention is a lot easier than water damage restoration, which is why it’s important to be aware of some of the most common causes of home flooding. 


Broken Pipes


Broken pipes can cause some of the most serious floods in a home. Because water is continuously going through the pipes from multiple different sources, broken pipes have the potential to quickly flood your entire house. 


Broken pipes can be caused by freezing temperatures, poor water quality leading to corrosion, loose fittings, and damage from projects around your home or property. Knowing where your pipes are and periodically checking our home for leaks, cracks, or corrosion will reduce the risk of flooding in your home. Locating the pipes in your walls and yard before starting any projects will also reduce the likelihood of damaging a pipe that will cause flooding in your home.


Defective Appliances


Chances are you have a variety of large appliances within your home that require water. These appliances include a washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator, garbage disposal, and air conditioner. 


Malfunctions in these appliances can be faulty hoses, leaky intake values, clogged drains, improper installation, or supply line issues. Leaks from these malfunctions can appear harmless, but if left untreated can cause flooding and water damage in your home. 


Leaky Water Heaters


Water heaters are another appliance that can cause serious water damage in your home. Most water heaters are installed and then forgotten. Because they are constantly filling with water, even small leaks can cause significant damage to your home.


To prevent water damage caused by your water heater, inspect it regularly. If there is dampness around the base or on the walls near your water heater it may be a sign that it is getting old or being improperly maintained. Even if a leak seems insignificant, have it checked by a plumber to avoid any structural and water damage.


Poor drainage


Clogged drains are another common cause of home flooding. Hair build-up is one of the leading causes of poor drainage in bathrooms. To ensure water flows through your pipes without backing up, use a metal mesh drain screen to catch anything that could potentially clog the drain. It is important to have a drain guard in your kitchen sink as well. Food scraps such as eggshells, vegetable peels, and grease can back-up in your pipes causing a flood. 

While you may think that allowing those items to go down your bathroom or kitchen sinks is okay as long as you use an anti-clog solution like Draino, we do not recommend this. Anti-clog solutions will only temporarily fix the clog and the chemicals may cause corrosion to your pipes. Be mindful of what goes down your drains so you can avoid waste back-ups and flooding in your home.


Clogged Gutters


Rain gutters are designed to divert water away from your house. However, debris can build up in your gutters, especially during the winter, and can cause clogs which will lead to gutter overflow. With the excess water overflowing over the side of your gutters instead of being directed away from your house, the water will pool around your foundation and could potentially cause serious flooding. Clean out your gutters regularly to ensure they continue to flow properly and divert water away from your home.

Water Damage Restoration in Utah County


While there are many ways to reduce the risk of flooding in your home, sometimes despite your best efforts water damage and flooding occur. Delta Restoration Services offers flood extraction services, as well as flood restoration services in Utah County. If you find yourself in need of water damage restoration services in your home, contact our team of professionals at Delta Restoration Services today!




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