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Delta was a great experience friendly great job I would used Delta again and recommend to any body Bruce was very helpful. Walter F
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Called and they had people on site the very same day. Jeremy W
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Dependable service. Highly recommend. Jeannette H
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Delta restoration was wonderful with helping me through a flood in my basement. They came same day within an hour of my call. Although I hope I don’t need them again, I will definitely be giving them a call if I do. Highly recommend them and their services. Rachel J.
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You had an unusual task that our insurance company had never heard of: Cleanup after a fire extinguisher exploded in a bedroom leaving extinguisher residue 360 degrees in the room. You did an outstanding cleanup of everything. Thank You!. Srd S
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We were totally satisfied by the work done in our home by Delta Disaster Services. Everyone in their organization proved to be professional in every respect. Emily F.
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Delta was a great experience friendly great job I would used Delta again and recommend to any body Bruce was very helpful. Walter A.
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Did good job in good time, friendly staff. Gary H

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How a $8 supply line can create $8000 in damage in just a few hours from breaking

How a $8 supply line can create $8000 in damage in just a few hours from breaking

metal braided supply line prevents from water damage

Water damage is the leading source of home insurance claims. It's no wonder. Homes, especially older ones, are loaded with worn supply lines connected an array of plumbing fixtures: bathroom and kitchen sinks, washing machines, refrigirators and toilets, to name a few. While homeowners may be tempted to purchase an $8 rubber supply line, convinced they are making a good economical choice, that seemingly cost-effective move can backfire.

It's not uncommon for Delta Restoration Services experts to see an $8 supply-line purchase turn into an $8,000 nightmare. Just a few hours of water exposure from a broken supply line can cause heavy damage. And the cost are not limited to visible water damage. Small leaks, if left untreated, can slowly cause damage behind walls and under floor, leading to moist drywall, for example. Over time, that can lead to black mold, which not only requires mold remediation experts but the removal and replacement of large sections of floors and walls.

Besides keeping an eye out for leaks and other potential problems, homeowners may want to invest in a longer-term solution--one that may cost more than standard rubber supply lines but that provides peace of mind and savings in the long run. The answer: metal braided supply line.

Metal braided lines offer the best option against costly leaks or more widespread water damage, even more than copper or plastic supply lines, which come with their own set of issues. Homeowners may even want to consider replacing all household plumbing fixtures with metal braided lines, and many plumbing companies offer discounts and bundle packages for switching an entire household.

Braided lines are strong and durable products. They have the flexibility of rubber hoses (because they are constructed with rubber) but they don't break or kink easily (becasue they have a metal braided outer jacket for protection). They respond well to high pressure and heat. And they're more resistant to bursting.

Nothing lasts forever. Even metal braided lines will have to be replaced eventually. But if you spend a little extra money now on metal braided lines, you'll likely have to wait a lot longer before you dip into your wallet again for a replacement.

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